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Phono Stage Design & Schematics

A brief article on phono stage design, some of the issues involved and how to do it. Includes details of two fully tested phono stages for those who want a project.


A Line Level Preamplifier Project

Quite literally a "home brew" line level preamplifier project for the adventurous to try out a variety of different preamp tubes. I would welcome any results to go into the Construction Corner!


Power Amp Designs & Schematics

The tale of some of my early fun and games with single ended triode power amplifiers. This article remains due to popularity, so apologies if you have already read it.


SJS IT & PA Transformers Tested

Results of some frequency response tests carried out on a collection of SJS transformers.


Audio and Tube Links

A list of site we look at now and again, which may be of use to you.