Write It Yourself.

COMING SOON: Construction Corner. A few SJS customers share their projects Honest!

Steve Puttock's Stereo SE 300B Transformer Coupled Amplifier

Single Chassis Single Ended 300B stereo amp. Four line level inputs, selector and volume pot to EC8010 input/driver tube which is transformer coupled to the cathode bias 300B output tube.

Rupert Robertson's AN Kit 1 upgrade with Turbo SJS Fixed Bias Booster Pack Now with schematics !

Audio Note Kit 1 Stereo SE 300B amplifiers modified with SJS se108 output iron and various circuit mods. Full details to follow. This is the first of Rupert's three articles. the others are on OTXs and AN Kit One upgrades, they will both be with you soon.

Martin Illingworth's Pagoda

Stereo SE 300B amp built in the style of an oriental pagoda. Mains TX and choke at ground floor level, output iron at first floor, and audio circuit at second floor level.

John Sherwood's Tubular 300B Amps

A pair of Mono Block SE108 Mk2 it amplifiers on two story amplifiers with copper pipe frames. Must be seen to be believed.

Jorge Silva Marques Transformer Couple Cathode Follower Driver Stage

A pair of SE300B mono-blocks using the two dissimilar sections of a 6DRT dual triode for the input and driver stages. The driver is configured as a cathode follower with an it103 1:1 interstage driver transformer as the cathode load !